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The Students Will Be Covered Against Death, Total Loss Of Two Limbs Or Two Eyes, Total Loss Of One Limb And One Eye, Total Loss Of One Limb Or One Eye, And Permanent Total And Partial Disablement.

Personal Accident

Any Individual Or Group Of Individuals ( Through Employer Association And Institution Etc) Aged Between 5 And 70. Subject To Medical Examination At 70 A Person Can Be Covered Up To 80.

Gramin Accident Insurance

To Cater To This Need This Cover Is Devised For Any Person Between The Age Group Of 10 To 70 Years Irrespective Of His Occupation, Income, Etc.
New India

Students Safety

The Policy Provides Personal Accident Benefits To Registered Students Of The School.

Janata Personal Accident Product

Any Person Irrespective Of Sex, Occupation And Profession In The Age Group Of 10 To 80 Years May Be Covered Under JANATA PERSONAL ACCIDENT POLICY.

Janta Personal Accident Insurance

Universal Sompo's Personal Accident Policy Provides You And Your Family Mitigation Against The Financial Consequences Of Unforeseeable Accidents.

Personal Accident Insurance

Reliance's Personal Accident Policy Is There For You It Reimburses Your Medical Expenses And Provides Compensation In Case Of Disability Or Death Caused By Accidents.

Personal Accident

The Policy Is A Benefit Policy WHICH PAYS FOR THE Death, Disablement And Weekly Benefits.

Janta Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Liberty Janta Personal Accident Insurance Policy Safeguards An Individual For Accidental Hazards Only, Limiting Its Inclusions.

Individual Accident Policy

The Policy Provides For Defined Benefits Based On The Nature Of Injury Sustained, By The Insured Person In An Accident During The Policy Period.


ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance ... Comprehensive Policy For The Whole Family. Comes With Exclusive Benefits Like No Room Rent Capping, No Co-€‹Payment, ...
New India

Personal Accident Insurance

This Policy Offers Compensation In Case Of Death Or Bodily Injury To The Insured Person, Directly And Solely As A Result Of An Accident, By External, Visible And Violent Means.
New India

Raasta Aapatti Kavach Policy

The Policy Offers PERSONAL ACCIDENT Compensation Cover Including Reimbursement Of Hospitalization Expenses Incurred Due To An Accident.
New India

Janata Personal Accident

The Insurance Pays Specified Benefits If The Insurance Sustains Bodily Injury Resulting Solely And Directly From Accident Caused By Outward Violent And Visible Means.
Bajaj Allianz

Personal Accident Insurance: Premium Personal Guard Policy

Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard Is A Personal Accident Health Insurance Policy That Provides Comprehensive Cover Against Accidents And Supports You In Your Hour Of Crisis.

Accident Shield

Biggest Threats Can Be Safely Averted With A Shield Raised In Time. So, Prepare In Advance And Live Life To The Fullest Without Any Worries. We Are Here To Protect You From All Adversities.

Personal Accident Insurance

This Policy Is Designed To Cover Individual Or Group Of People Against Both Death And Disablement (Total/Permanent/Partial) From Accidental Bodily Injury.
Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz Life Smart Protect Goal

Our Future Plans And Financial Goals Demand Protection From Twists And Turns Of Life.

Activ Secure Personal Accident

Life Is So Much Better When You Know That You Are Protected Against Income Loss. Activ Secure - Personal Accident Is A Plan Specially Designed To Give You And


Personal Accident For The Students And Their Parents/Guardians. College Tuition Fees As Well As The Boarding And Lodging (Hostel) Fees.


Any Individual Aged Between 10 -70. Policy Can Be Availed For An Amount Of Rs.25 0 To Rs.1 0 0 Sum Insured


Any Individual Aged Between 10 -70. Policy Can Be Availed For An Amount Of Rs.25 0 To Rs.1 0 0 Sum Insured.

Aviation Personnel Accident (Crew Members)

This Policy Is Meant For Pilots And Other Crew Members.
Bajaj Allianz

Global Accident Insurance: Global Personal Guard

Our Global Personal Guard Provides Extensive Worldwide Coverage Against Death, Total Permanent Disability Or Partial Permanent Disability And Any Other Injuries Caused Due To An Accident.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Personal Accident Insurance Is A Cover That Compensates Financially For Accidental Death And Bodily Injury Results In Permanent/ Partial/ Temporary Disability.

Personal Accident - Group

This Policy Can Be Granted For Restricted Hours Of Duty And Not For All The 24 Hours Of The Days And Nights) At A Reduced Premium Also. A Group Policy Is Subject To Group Discount Also.
Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Compulsory Personal Accident To Owner Driver

This Provides Coverage For Bodily Injury Or Death Of The Owner-Driver In Case Of An Unfortunate Accident.


The Policy Will Pay For Occurrence Of Death,Total Loss Of Two Limbs Or Two Eyes,Total Loss Or One Limb And One Eye,Total Loss Of One Limb Or One Eye,Permanent Total And Partial Disablement.

Accident Care Individual Insurance Policy

A Maximum Care Policy For You And Your Loved Ones In The Event Of Unforeseen Accidents.

Personal Accident Policy (Individual)

This Policy Provides Compensation In The Event Of Insured Sustaining Injuries, Solely And Directly From An Accident Caused By Violent, Visible And External Means, Resulting Into Death Or Disablement.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

This Is Your Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy, Which Has Been Issued By Us, Relying On The Information Disclosed By You In Your Proposal For This Policy.

Maha Raksha-Personal Injury Policy

Maha Raksha, We Make Sure An Injury Doesn't Affect Your Finances And Helps You Get Back Out There And Enjoy Life As It's Meant To Be.

Accident Guard Policy

Life Is Full Of Surprises, Good As Well As Bad Ones. While You Can't Always Avoid The Bad Ones, You Can Prepare Yourself In Advance, And We Are Here To Help You With That.
Magma  HDI

Individual Personal Accident

Individual Personal Accident

Janata Personal Accident Policy

We All In Our Day To Day Life Are Exposed To The Risks Of Accidents. Despite All Possible Precautions Accident Do Occur. This May Result Into Disablement Or Loss Of Limbs Or Sometimes Even Death.

Personal Accident-Individual

We All In Our Day To Day Life Are Exposed To The Risks Of Accidents. Despite All Possible Precautions Accidents Do Occur. This May Result Into Disablement Or Loss Of Limbs Or Sometimes Even Death.

Group Multi Guard Personal Accident

It Will Cover Your Employees At A Low And Affordable Price And Be Of Great Help In Instances Of Hospitalization, Disability And Even Unfortunate Death Resulting From Accidents
Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Individual Personal Accident Insurance

The Policy Provides For Defined Benefits Based On The Nature Of Injury Sustained By The Insured Person In An Accident During The Policy Period.

Nagrik Suraksha Policy

A Novel Accidental Insurance Cover For Any Citizen Of India In The Age Group Of 5 Years To 70 Years For FAMILY PACKAGE And 18 Years To 70 Years For INDIVIDUAL/GROUP COVER.

Personal Accident - Individual

This Policy Provides Compensation In The Event Of Insured Sustaining Injuries, Solely And Directly From An Accident Caused By Violent, Visible And External Means, Resulting Into Death Or Disablement.

Personal Accident

The Personal Accident Insurance Helps You Cope With The Sudden Financial Burden And Also Brings Your Life Back On Track By Providing A Strong Cover And Protection.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Personal Accident Insurance From IFFCO-Tokio Takes Care Of All Your Needs. Get Affordable & Comprehensive Coverage Against Life's Uncertain Moments And Live ...

Nagarik Suraksha Product

The Policy Offers Personal Accident Cover (Death/Permanent Total Disablement ,Loss Of Limb(S) & Permanent Partial Disablement) And Reimbursement Of Hospitalization Expenses.

Jan Arogya Bima

This Policy Provides For Hospitalization And Domiciliary Hospitalization For A Premium As Low As Rs 70/- For A Adult Male Or Female And Rs 50/- For Each Dependent Son/Daughter Not Exceeding 25 Years.

About Personal Accident

Everybody needs to guarantee that their family is altogether dealt with, however unfortunately it is highly unlikely to ensure that you'll generally have the option to accommodate them. Accidents and ailments can strike abruptly, leaving you and your friends and family without pay as the bills heap up.

These occasions can be upsetting, however, there are measures you can take to lessen the pressure. Taking the time currently to plan, can guarantee that when Accidents occur, they're not really downright terrible.

Before settling on a choice on a degree of cover, guarantee you audit the Product Disclosure Statement for subtleties of plan incorporation, constraints, and rejections.

Accomplish genuine feelings of serenity with personal Accident insurance

One of the manners in which you can forestall a deficiency of income* is by picking a proper personal Accident insurance plan. The cover makes up for a deficiency of pay for a set time of time*1, assisting you with bettering your bills and costs while you recuperate and prepare work.

This might be particularly significant for independently employed entrepreneurs and workers for hire who may not be ensured by a specialists' remuneration arrangement. On the occasion that you're harmed at work, you might not approach the standard remuneration and backing gave to a salaried representative, placing you in a predicament when the bills come due you're as yet incapable to work.

Be that as it may, discovering an arrangement with reasonable cover for you and your family can be troublesome. We need to help smooth out your dynamic interaction. In this article, we'll investigate what regularly makes a decent close-to-home Accident insurance plan, what it can cover, and how it very well may be useful for you.

What does personal accident insurance normally cover?

Personal Accident insurance can offer help when you can't work, yet before you take out a plan, it's crucial you comprehend what's generally included and so forth.

On the occasion that you can't work in the wake of an accident causing injury or because of sickness, your own Accident insurance plan will furnish you with a week after week pays for a set time frame. This could be pretty much as straightforward as tumbling off a seat and putting your back out for half a month, to something as intricate as seriously harming your hands from a DIY Accident requiring a very long time of recuperation.

You can decide to cover loss of pay because of injury, ailment, or both. Discretionary expansions incorporate demise benefits, disablement advantages, and operational expense cover.

While personal Accident insurance approaches are very expansive in what they can cover, there are sure circumstances where you regularly will not be covered. These include:

Previous Medical Conditions: Illness or injury that pre-date the plan (called prior conditions) aren't covered, so you can't fall wiped out or support the injury, and solely after that take out inclusion for the prior ailment or injury

Birth and Pregnancy: Pregnancy, labor, and confusions identified with them aren't covered, which means, for instance, that should you or your accomplice experience the ill effects of especially terrible and delayed morning infection then you will not get inclusion

Criminal Acts: Injuries coming about because of criminal demonstrations brought about by you won't be covered

Self-destruction/Self Harm: claims identified with these occasions are prohibited

Dugs and Alcohol: Injuries supported while affected by medications or liquor won't be covered

Psychological sickness: Mental ailment and passionate issues aren't covered

Protecting your personal way of life

Yet, how would you track down an appropriate approach for you? Deciding the suitable degree of cover for yourself implies really investigating how much cash you procure, however the amount you spend on important costs every month like staple goods, home loan or lease, utilities, and your vehicle.

This data is essential on the grounds that numerous personal Accident and injury arrangements don't cover 100% of your compensation most are covered at around 85%. While this is all that anyone could need to cover your bills and live easily, it might mean you need to scale down on some discretionary viewpoints, so keeping an exact financial plan is fundamental.

Inclusion periods can likewise shift, with many giving cover to as long as two years from the date of accident or sickness, or to a specific age like 60. Also, there are contrasting holding up periods (how long you must be down and out before the cover kicks in) and advantage levels accessible.

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