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About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the most important aspect through which you can ensure a protected journey from one point to another. Travelling does give us many reasons that you can feel excited about.

Your travel insurance plan will keep you financially strong during times of medical and non-medical emergencies that could occur suddenly when you are travelling.

It gives us new opportunities to explore new cultures, people and places and discover the beautiful things the world has to offer. Many students dream of pursuing education overseas at their preferred university. Therefore, an important activity in our lives, traveling is inevitable and so are the uncertainties it brings along.

For instance, a sudden illness leading to hospitalization may result in unwanted expenditure that can hamper your travel budget. Moreover, treatment in a foreign country can be costly. Besides trip delays owing to bad weather or lost luggage are typical cases of when you can face risks of unexpected expenditures. This is when your travel insurance policy protects you by covering these expenditures.

Domestic Travel Insurance

It offers coverage for the expenses incurred by you during unforeseen events when you travel domestically. A domestic travel insurance plan provides complete coverage for various medical expenses as well as for non-medical emergencies like loss of personal possessions.

International Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your unforeseen expenses during an international trip. This will entail cover for hospitalization, in-patient and out-patient care, loss of passport, medical evacuation, etc.

Family Travel Insurance

It provides complete insurance coverage for your entire family during an overseas trip. Under a single plan, you can get cover for all the medical and non-medical expenses of any insured family member.

Student Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance plans are designed for ambitious students who are planning to pursue education overseas. It provides a financial cushion to students by taking care of their unexpected expenditures due to any medical or non-medical emergency.

Corporate Travel Insurance

It is a travel insurance coverage for employees of an organization who undertake business trips to different locations within or outside the country. Corporate travel insurance policies are the safest way to ensure you stay financially protected during any medical or non-medical emergency while on a tour for business purposes.

Medical Travel Insurance

When traveling to some international destinations like the Schengen countries, travel and health insurance are equally important. Tourists are required to have a medical travel insurance policy so that they are financially protected when a need arises for medical treatment due to unforeseen circumstances.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Multi-trip travel insurance policy generally has a policy period of 12 months during which the insured person can undertake multiple trips and get coverage for emergency medical and non-medical expenses.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip travel plan offers insurance cover for only a single trip to an international destination or any location within India. However, travelers can cover multiple destinations together during their single trip. This type of travel insurance policy remains valid until the insured person returns home.

How Does Travel Insurance Policy Help?

Nobody can expect what might happen during a trip. While you might plan the best trip of your life, you might have some unforeseen medical expenses that may disturb the peace of your journey. So, to avoid all this unwanted crisis, you can have a travel insurance policy that may help in easing your burden from the financial strains.

Benefits of Buying a Travel Insurance Policy:

Your travel insurance allows you the comfort you need and deserve while you will be enjoying our trip along with your family and loved ones. Below mentioned are the benefits that you can get or look after for, while buying a travel insurance swiftly:

  • The plan provides an additional comprehensive medical cover.
  • Non-medical travel contingencies are also covered.
  • Trip cancellations and interruptions are also covered.
  • There is affordable coverage for all your family members.
  • There are add-ons for enhancing your coverage.

Given these benefits, it becomes essential as well as beneficial to buy travel insurance for your international or domestic travel. At very affordable premiums you get comprehensive coverage in the plan which protects you against all major as well as minor contingencies faced on your trip.

You can also customize the plan through optional add-ons and secure your trip. In fact, in Schengen countries, travel insurance is compulsory. So, ensure your trip with a travel insurance policy and ensure that your trip runs smoothly without any financial hassles.

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