The New India Assurance Co.Ltd.


Policies by The New India Assurance Co.Ltd.

Professional Indemnity

This Policy Is Meant For Professionals To Cover Liability Falling On Them As A Result Of Errors And Omissions Committed By Them Whilst Rendering Professional Service.

Tea Crop Insurance

Tea Crop Insurance Policies Shall Be Issued Garden Wise Only. In Case Of Factories Which Do Not Have Any Gardens, Policies May Be Issued Factory Wise.

ALOP Insurance

The Insurance Of Revenue For Projects Under Construction Refers To A Particular Class Of Business Interruption Insurance And Relates To The Financial Consequences Of A Project.

Sheep And Goat

All Indigenous, Crossbred And Exotic Sheep And Goat Will Be Covered Under This Scheme.

Horticulture / Plantation

The Policy Provides Cover For Loss Of Or Damage To The Insured Tree/Fruits Such As Grape, Citrus, Banana, Rubber, Eucalyptus, Tea, Oil Palm, Orchids, Roses Etc.

Dog Insurance

Dogs In The Age Group Of 8 Weeks To 8 Years Are Insured. Dogs Of Indigenous Origin, Cross-Bred And Exotic Breeds Are Covered Under The Scheme.

Open Cover Agreement

An Open Cover Is An Agreement (Not A Policy) Whereby The Insurer Will Accept Insurance Of All Shipments Made By The Assured, Within The Terms Of The Cover For A Fixed Period, Usually For 12 Months.

Special Contingency Insurance

Caters To The Requirements Of The Clients Who Desire To Have All Risks In Respect Of Their Machinery And/Or Equipment Or Any Other Property Covered Under A Single Policy.

Carriers Couriers Legal

Pay All Sums For Which The Insured Shall Become Legally Liable As Compensation For Physical Loss Or Destruction Of Or Damage To Goods Or Merchandise While In Transit.

Annual Turnover Policy

This Policy Provides Transit Insurance Coverage To Imports + Customs Duty, Domestic & Overseas Purchase Of Raw Materials, Consumables. All Inter-Factory/ Inter-Depot/ To &Fro Job Worker Movements.

Bankers Indemnity

Package Policy Designed Specially To Cover The Risks Related To Banking Sector. A Single Policy Covering All Branches In India Of The Particular Bank.


This Insurance Scheme Is Applicable To Univoltine, Bivoltine And Multivoltine Breed Of Silkworm Of Mulberry Leaves Only

Lift Irrigation

This Insurance Scheme Provides Indemnity Against Damages Caused To Lift Irrigation System Which Includes Intake Well, Delivery Chambers, Jack Well, Pump House, Water Storage Tank, Pipelines, Etc.

Hut Insurance

Covers Dwelling Huts In Rural Areas Constructed With Financial Aid From Banks/Co-Op/Govt. Institutions.

Fire Policy

Fire Policy

Burglary Insurance (Office)

Policy Is Designed To Cover Business Premises Only Like Godown, Factory, Office Etc.

Product Liability

This Policy Covers All Sums (Inclusive Of Defense Costs) Which The Insured Becomes Legally Liable To Pay As Damages As A Consequence.

Duty Insurance

The Insurance Shall Be Granted Only If There Exists Insurance On CIF Value Of Cargo Itself And Against The Same Risks As The Basic Cargo Insurance And Only On The Basis Of A Signed Proposal Form.

Marine Cum Erection Insurance

The Policy Can Be Taken By The Principal, Contractor Or Sub Contractor, Jointly Or Separately.

Marine Hull - War Risk

This Annual Policy Covers Loss Of Or Damage To Vessels Plying In International Waters Caused By War, Civil War, Revolution Rebellion, Insurrection, Or Civil Strife Arising Therefrom, Or Any Hostile

Voyage Insurance

Voyage Insurance Is The Cover Given To A Vessel For A Specific Voyage From One Port To Another And Is Subject To The Institute Voyage Clause.

Marine Ship Repairs Liability

This Is An Annual Policy Issued To The Shipyards To Cover Their Legal Liabilities To The Ship Owners And Others Based On The Limit Of Liability Chosen By Them As Well As The Gross Actual Charge.

Offshore Energy Policy

Offshore Energy Insurance Covers Offshore Construction Cover, Offshore Operational Cover,Operators Extra Expenses Third Party Liability Business Interruption Cover,Loss Of Hire Cover,Cover For Damage

Pedal Cycle Insurance

Covers Loss Or Damage To Pedal Cycle And Liability To Third Party.

Sellers Interest Insurance

This Policy Covers Physical Loss Of Or Damage To The Cargo Insured, Subject To The Terms And Conditions Of The Policy, To Protect Only The Interest Of The Insured Mentioned Therein.


This Scheme Covers The Following Whether Indigenous, Exotic Or Cross-Bred.

Hull & Machinery

It Is An Agreed Valued Annual Operational Policy Covering The Physical Damage To The Hull And Machinery Of The Vessel As Also The Liability Of The Shipowner.

Charters Liability

Charterers Liability Is An Annual Policy Covering The Liabilities Of The Charterers That Might Arise Out The Employment Of The Ship Taken By Them On Charter Hire As They Are Responsible.

Marine Builders Risk

This Policy Is An All Risk Policy, The Period Of Which Can Go Beyond One Year Also Based On The Period Of Construction Of The Vessel.

Open Policy

The Open Policy, Also Known As The Floating Policy, Saves The Assured The Inconvenience Of Affecting Individually The Insurance Of Goods Dispatched Within The Country & Outside The Country

Port Package Policy

Port Package Insurance Is Designed To Take Care Of The Interest Of The Port Authorities And Terminal Operators.

Specific Voyage

In Marine Insurance Specific Policies Are Issued To Cover A Specific Single Transit. Cover Ends As Soon As Arrival Of Cargo At Destination.

Ship Breaking Insurance

This Policy Covers Damage To The Vessel Due To Fire, Lightning, Explosion/Implosion, Impact By Road/ Rail, Aircraft, Riots, Strikes, Malicious And Terrorism Whilst The Vessel Is In The Yard.

Poultry Insurance

This Is A Comprehensive Insurance Scheme Applicable To Poultry Farms Consisting Layer Birds, Broiler Birds And Parent Stock (Hatchery) Which Are Exotic And Cross-Bred.

Shop Keeper

This Is A Package Policy Specially Designed For Small Shopkeepers. It Is A Single Policy Combining The Various Insurance Requirements Of Shopkeepers.

Standard Fire Policy For Home

The Standard Fire And Special Perils Policy Covers All Properties On Land (Excluding Cost Of Land), Move Able Or Immovable, At Various Locations Against Named Perils.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

The Policy Covers The Employer In Respect Of Any Direct Financial Loss Which He May Suffer As A Result Of Employees Dishonesty.