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Policies by SBI General Insurance Company Limited

Gramin Samriddhi Bima

A Comprehensive Package Product That Provides Protection And Peace Of Mind Against A Number Of Perils Without The Need To Take Several Policies.

Sheep And Goat Insurance

The Policy Shall Provide Indemnity Against Death Of Sheep & Goats Due To Accident Occurring During The Period Of Insurance.

Agricultural Pump Set

This Policy Is Designed To Cover Pumpsets With Capacity Upto 25 H.P. Of Any Type Which Are Used Purely For Agricultural Purposes Only And Driven By Electricity Or Other Fuel.

All Risk Insurance Policy

This Policy Is Designed For Covering Equipments,Painting,Sketches,Prints, Books, Sculptures, Porcelain Pottery, Antique Furniture,Clock,Gold,Silver & Other Precious Metals,Jewellery On All Risk Basis.

Cyber Defense Insurance

Cyber Defence Insurance Is Designed To Protect Your Business Against A Number Of Cyber Exposures - From Hacking Attacks And Viruses To Privacy Breaches And Theft Of Data.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

It Protects The Personal Assets Of Corporate Directors And Officers, And Their Spouses, In The Event They Are Personally Sued By Employees, Vendors, Competitors, Investors, Customers, Or Other Parties

Employees Compensation Policy

The Employee Compensation Insurance Is The Primary Method By Which An Employer Can Demonstrate The Ability To Satisfy The Obligations Imposed By The Employee's Compensation Statutes.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

This Policy Protects Your Business From Financial Loss Should You Be Liable For Property Damage Or Personal And Advertising Injury Caused By Your Services, Business Operations Or Your Employees.

Public Liability Insurance Policy

This Insurance Protects Insured Against The Legal Liability To Pay Compensation For Bodily Injury Or Property Damage Suffered By Third Party &Arising Out Of Accidents Occurring In The Insured Premises

Errors And Omission Liability Insurance

This Policy Helps Protect You From Lawsuits Claiming You Made A Mistake In Your Professional Services. This Insurance Can Help Cover Your Court Costs Or Settlements.

Kidnap, Ransom And Extortion (KRE) Insurance

Kidnap, Ransom And Extortion Insurance Indemnifies Companies Or Individuals In The Event Of A Kidnap, Extortion, Detention Or Hijacking Incident And Assist The Insured To Manage Such Risk.

Product Liability Insurance Policy

Insuredãƒâ¢Ã¢Â€Šâ¬Ã¢Â€Žâ¢S Legal Liability To Pay Compensation For Injury And/Or Damage Arising Out Of Any Defects In The Products Covered Under The Policy In Accordance With The Law Of Country.

Event Cancellation Insurance Policy

This Product Is Designed To Cover Various Events Like Cancellation And Abandonment, Legal Liability (Third Party Property Damage And Bodily Injury)-Optional.

Delay In Start Up (DSU) Insurance

DSU Insures Project Owners For The Financial Consequences (As Described In The Policy) Of A Delay To Project Completion Arising From An Insured Physical Damage Event.

Oil & Energy Risk Insurance

Cover Indemnifies The Insured Towards Loss Or Damage Resulting In Physical Destruction Or Liabilities Of The Insured During The Construction /Operation Of The Oil & Energy Related Activities.

Clinical Trial (No Fault) Insurance

Clinical Trial (No Fault) Insurance Provides Protection To Insured Against Their Liability On No Fault Basis.

Cattle Insurance

This Policy Is Designed To Cover Milch Cows,Buffaloes,Calves,Stud Bulls,Bullocks & Male Buffaloes Owned By You And Which Are Used For Commercial And/Or For Personal Purposes Against The Risk Of Death.

Clinical Trial (Professional Liability) Insurance

This Insurance Plan Offers Protection Against Legal Liabilities Which Result From Clinical Trials. This Policy Covers Physical Injury, Loss Of Data Or Property Which Occurs During The Trail.

Public Liability Insurance Act Policy

Public Liability Insurance Protects Insured Against The Legal Liability To Pay Compensation For Bodily Injury Or Property Damage Suffered By Third Party .

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)

To Provide Insurance Coverage And Financial Support To The Farmers In The Event Of Failure Of Any Of The Notified Crop As A Result Of Natural Calamities, Pests & Diseases.

Marine Cargo Insurance - Open Cover

SBI General's Marine Cargo Insurance Policy, You Can Safeguard Yourself From Risks Associated With Transit Of Goods. Putting You Firmly In Control Of Your Business And Helping You Overcome Such Risks.