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Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Commercial Packages

The Policy Provides A Wide Range Of Coverage For Your Commercial Establishments Including Manufacturing Units From Fire, Burglary, Damage To Electronic Equipment, Machinery And More.
New India

Office Protection Shield

Cover For Building And Contents Of An Office Against The Perils Like Fire And Allied Perils, Burglary, Breakdown Of Office Equipment's, Public Liability Cover Etc.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy

The Policy Can Be Availed By Any Employer Having Employees Handling Any Goods And/Or Money. Cover Will Be Granted To Only Those Employers Having Proper System For Keeping Records Of All Transactions

Office Package Policy



Any Other Non Manufacturing/Non Industrial Unit Excluding Shops And Warehouses Can Avail This Policy.

Fidelity Guarantee Policy

This Policy Is Especially Designed For Firms, Corporate And Individuals Who Carry On Commercial Activities And Are Exposed To Pecuniary/Financial Losses Occasioned By Any Act Of Fraud And/Or Dishonest

Fine Art And Valuables

We Recognize Your Needs Based On Our Experience In Protecting Those Who Enjoy The Finer Things In Life
Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Office Packages

The Policy Provides Comprehensive Coverage To Office Risks, Against A Varied Number Of Perils, Including But Not Limited To Fire, Burglary, Accidents, And So On.

Office Umbrella Policy

The Office Umbrella Policy Is A Comprehensive Insurance Policy, Specially Designed By 'ORIENTAL' That Seeks To Provide Protection To Your Office Against Different Kinds Of Risks And Perils.

Employees Compensation Insurance Policy

The Indian Workmen's Compensation Act 1923 Provides For The Payment Of Compensation By The Employer To His Employees

Office Insurance

A Complete Insurance Package That Has Been Specially Designed Keeping In Mind The Insurance Needs Of Your Business.

Package Insurance

This Policy Offers Risk Solutions Suitable To "All" Insurance Requirements Of Most Small And Medium Enterprises:

SME Package Insurance

Bharti AXA Offers A Suit Of Package Policies To Take Care Of All Your Insurance Requirements. Be It An Office, Shop Or Small And Medium Enterprise (SME) We Have The Readymade Solution For You

Exceptional Value

In Insurance Needs And We Design Policies That Provide Cover Appropriate To Each Task.

Office Package Policy

This Is A Package Policy Designed To Cater For The Complete Insurance Requirement Of An Office. Under A Single Policy Are Combined A Number Of Contingencies, Which Are Normally Covered.

Shri Suraksha Insurance

Shri Suraksha Insurance

About Package policy

What is Office Insurance?

Office Insurance offers thorough inclusion for the dangers related to dangers that can affect office activities. It covers the workplace property as well as the deficiency of cash or any cheating done by representatives. The protection is generally offered as an office bundle strategy to cover the dangers emerging from different untoward episodes.

What all Office Insurance Covers?
It is accessible as a bundle strategy that incorporates assurance against:

Harm to protected property, including shopfront like windows, canopies, and so on

Abuse of office information outsider legitimate liabilities

Fixed things like deals counters, kitchen units, racks, floor coverings, and so on

Monetary dangers brought about by fire, thievery, machine breakdown, and so forth

Loss of staff of the accomplice, owner, chief official, a representative when he/she is on an office visit

Blasts and lightning harm caused to clean things, well being apparatuses, housekeeping administrations, exposure instruments like neon lights

Proprietor's mishaps, which incorporate impermanent all out inability, lasting incomplete incapacity, and perpetual, aggregate, and outright handicap

Business visionaries can choose any of the accompanying broadened Office Insurance plans.

Thievery: This approach will cover harm or cost brought about because of robbery or housebreaking

Cash in Safe: This approach type covers deficiency of cash (which incorporates paper cash, coins, checks, bank drafts, income stamps) which is kept in storage spaces or security boxes

Cash in Transit: This approach covers cash on the way, that is, any misfortune to money or bank drafts during the exchange from the workplace premises to the bank or some other indicated area

Electronic Equipment: This all-inclusive arrangement covers actual misfortune to electronic gear like printers, PCs, and fax machines

Convenient Equipment: Damage brought about by uproars, psychological warfare, or fire to PCs, tablets, or some other authority compact advanced gear

Business Interruption: If the workplace property gets demolished and the business is intruded on, the arrangement will give the lease of another office, overheads, and wages to keep the business running

How Office Insurance Functions?

It is not difficult to get office protection. Allow us to see how this protection functions and how individuals can receive the best in return.

The strategy searcher tops off an application structure, referencing the insights about the property for which the protection is required

The insurance agency sends an assessor to the workplace premises to confirm the condition

On the off chance that the protection is conceivable, the insurance agency gives the approach

The protected gets a free look period inside which the approach can be changed or dropped

The protected pays the premium inside the specified time

On the off chance that any inevitability happens, the safeguarded lingerie the insurance agency about the equivalent

Every one of the necessary archives is submitted to the insurance agency

An assessor confirms all the case subtleties

On the off chance that the case is substantial, the remuneration sum is paid to the recipient

On the off chance that the case is discovered to be bogus, the insurance agency dismisses the case and illuminates the petitioner about the equivalent.

On the off chance that the inquirer isn't happy with the goal, he/she can bring a case up in a courtroom.

Eligibility Criteria
An office Insurance strategy is qualified for little, medium, and huge scope entrepreneurs who have:
Business workplaces
Government workplaces
ITES and BPO call focuses
Programming advancement workplaces
Stockrooms and assembling units

Office Insurance Claim Process
The insurance agencies guarantee that the case cycle goes easily and helpfully. The accompanying advances are followed to settle an office protection guarantee:
The policyholder implies the insurance agency about the misfortune
A case number is given to the petitioner
A properly filled in guarantee structure and the necessary reports are submitted to the protection office
An assessor is selected to overview and check the misfortune
After the assessor presents the misfortune subtleties, the insurance agency mediates the case as permissible or not acceptable according to the approach terms
On the off chance that the case is acceptable, the remuneration is paid to the recipient
If the case is bogus or not according to the approach terms, the equivalent is imparted to the protected
On the off chance that the safeguarded isn't happy with the goal, the case can be brought up in an official courtroom

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