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Shipments Comprehensive Risks Policy (SCR)

An Exporter Whose Annual Export Turnover Is More Than Rs.500 Lakhs Is Eligible For This Policy.This Is A Standard Wholeturnover Policy Wherein All Shipments Are Required To Be Covered Under The Policy

ECIB Short Term Pre-Shipment Individual Packing Credit - (INPC)

Individual Packing Credit Cover For Each Of Its Exporter Clients Who Has Been Classified As A Standard Asset And Whose CR Is Acceptable To ECGC.

Whole Turnover Packing Credit - (WTPC)

A Bank Or A Financial Institution Dealing In Foreign Exchange Is Eligible To Obtain This Whole-Turnover Cover For All Its Accounts.

Branch Wise Packing Credit - (BIPC)

Branch-Wise Packing Credit Cover In Respect Of One Or More Of Its Exporter Clients Who Has Been Classified As A Standard Asset And Whose Credit Rating Is Acceptable To ECGC.

Small Exporters Policy (SEP)

The Small Exporter's Policy Is Basically The Standard Policy, Incorporating Certain Improvements In Terms Of Cover, In Order To Encourage Small Exporters To Obtain And Operate The Policy.

Export Finance (EF)

Banks Can Take The Cover Selectively. Banks Having ECIB-WTPS Are Eligible For Concessional Premium Rate And Higher Percentage Of Cover As Applicable.

ECIB- Surety Cover - Advance Payment-Cum-Performance (ECIB-SC-APP)

The Banks Intending To Seek ECIB (SC-AP/APP) Cover For An Exporter Client Should Have Sanctioned Certain Working Capital Limit Facilities For Export In Favour Of Their Exporter Client.

Whole Turnover Post Shipment - (WTPS)

Option To Exclude, Govt. Cos., Advances To Associates, Units In OBU And L/Cs Under The Cover. Submission Of A Single Proposal For All Accounts To Be Covered.

ECIB INPS (Not Holding Standard Policy)

Bank Can Take The Cover Selectively.

ECIB - INPS (Without Any Exclusion)

Bank Can Take The Cover Selectively.

ECIB INPS (With Exclusion)

Bank Can Take The Cover Selectively.

Individual Post Shipment - (INPS)

Post-Shipment Finance To The Exporter By Way Of Purchase, Negotiation Or Discount Of Export Bills After The Shipment Has Been Affected Pertaining To A Particular Project.

Export Credit Insurance For Banks Surety Cover (ECIB-SC)

The ECIB (SC) Which Is In The Nature Of Indemnity To The Bank Is Issued To Protect The Bank Against Losses That It May Suffer On Account Of Guarantees Given By It On Behalf Of Exporters.

ECIB- Medium And Long Term Individual Packing Credit - (INPC)

The Cover Provides Protection To The Banks Against Losses Suffered On Account Of Nonpayment Of Advances/Credit Facilities Due To Insolvency And/ Or Default Of The Borrower Exporter.

ECIB- Medium And Long Term Individual Post Shipment - (INPS)

Any Bank Or Financial Institution Who Is An Authorized Dealer In Foreign Exchange That Provides Post-Shipment Finance To The Exporter By Way Of Purchase, Negotiation Or Discount Of Export Bills.


The Cover Provides Protection To The Banks Against Losses That It May Suffer Due To Insolvency And/ Or Protracted Default Of The Borrower.


Export Factoring Facility : ECGC Limited (Formerly Known As Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Of India Limited), Is Now Offering Export Factoring Facility For Micro Small & Medium Enterprises.

Buyer's Credit Cover

Buyer's Credit Is A Credit Extended By A Bank In India To An Overseas Buyer Enabling The Buyer To Pay For Machinery And Equipment That He May Be Importing From India For A Specific Project.

Lines Of Credit Cover

A Line Of Credit Is A Credit Extended By A Bank In India To An Overseas Bank, Institution Or Government For The Purpose Of Facilitating Import Of A Variety Of Listed Goods From India.

Overseas Investment Insurance

Any Investment Made By Way Of Equity Capital Or Untied Loan For The Purpose Of Setting Up Or Expansion Of Overseas Projects Will Be Eligible For Cover Under Investment Insurance.

National Export Insurance Account

National Export Insurance Account (NEIA) Has Been Set Up By The Government Of India To Facilitate Medium And Long-Term Exports, Which Are Commercially Viable, Considering The Limitations Of The ECGC.

Customer Specific Cover

The Customer Specific Policies Have Been Introduced And Are Issued To Large Exporters On A Selective Basis On The Merits Respective Requests For Such Cover.

Specific Shipment Policy - (SSP)

These Policies Can Be Availed Of By Exporters Who Do Not Hold Any Of The Standard Policy/Whole Turnover Policy Or By An Exporter Having A Standard Policy,

Services Policy - (SRC)

Specific Services Policy, As Its Name Indicates, Is Issued To Cover A Single Specified Contract.

Export Turnover Policy - (ETP)

This Is A Whole Turnover Declaration Based Policy Wherein All Shipments Are Required To Be Covered Under The Policy.

Exports (Specific Buyers) Policy (BWP)

The Specific Buyers Policy Provides Cover For Shipments Made To A Particular Buyer Or On LC Opening Bank For A Set Of Buyers.

Consignment Exports Policy (Stockholding Agent) - (CSA)

CSA Is Introduced To Cover Exclusively Shipments Made By Exporters On Consignment Basis To Their Agent.

Buyer Exposure Policy (BEP)

The Buyer Exposure Policy Is To Insure Exporters Having A Large Number Of Shipments To A Particular Buyer With Simplified Procedure And Rationalized Premium.

IT-Enabled Services Policy-Single Customer (SITES)

IT-Enabled Services (Single Customer) Policy Would Be Given In Respect Of Contracts For Rendering Service During A Defined Period With Billing On The Basis Of Service Rendered During A Period.

Micro Exporters Policy (MEP) - (Erstwhile SME)

MEP Is An Exposure Based Policy.

Business Insurance

Protect Your Business And Employees From A Wide Range Of Risks With Our Business Insurance Solutions.

Construction Works Policy - (CWP)

Construction Works Policy Is Designed To Provide Cover To An Indian Contractor Who Executes A Civil Construction Job Abroad.

Specific Policy For Supply Contract

The Standard Policy Is A Whole Turnover Policy Designed To Provide A Continuing Insurance For The Regular Flow Of An Exporterã¢Â‚¬Â„¢S Shipments For Which Credit Period Does Not Exceed 180 Days.

Specific Services Policy-(SRC)

Specific Services Policy, As Its Name Indicates, Is Issued To Cover A Single Specified Contract. It Is Issued To Provide Cover For Contracts, Which Are Large In Value And Extend Over A Relatively Long


That's Why ICICI Lombard Offers A Wide Range Of Business Insurance Covers, Designed To Identify And Reduce Those Risks. Effective Risk Management Is The Key To A

ECIE-Medium & Long Term Specific Shipment Policy - (SSP)

Specific Shipments Policy Can Be Obtained By Exporters That Have Secured Contract For Supply Of Capital Goods Such As Machinery Or Equipment's On Deferred Terms Of Payment.


Expenses Incurred In The Event Of Cancellation Of Production Additional Cost/Reshoot Cost Incurred Due To Faulty Negatives Against Prop Sets And Wardrobes Third Party Property Damage Money Insurance.

Software Project Policy (SPP)

Software Project Policy Provides Protection To Exporters Of Software And Related Services Where The Payments Will Be Received In Foreign Exchange.

Hotel & Restaurants Insurance

Hotel And Restaurants Insurance Offers A Complete Insurance Package That Has Been Specially Designed Keeping In Mind The Insurance Needs Of Your Business.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy

Covers Pecuniary Loss Sustained As A Result Of Act Of Fraud Or Dishonesty In Respect Of Monies Or Goods Of The Employer Committed By The Employees In The Course Of Performance Of Their Duties.

Business Insurance

Get All Information About The IFFCO Tokio Business Product Insurance Policy. Array Of Business Products Is Designed To Meet Your Business Needs.

Advance Loss Of Profit Insurance

Advance Loss Of Profit. Page 1. Liberty General Insurance Limited, 10Th Floor, Tower A,Peninsula Business Park,Ganpatrao Kadam Marg,€‹Lower


The Dukan Mitra Policy Is A Modified Version Of The Shopkeeper's Policy Which Can Be Issued To Smaller Establishments.

Erection All Risk Insurance Policy

Our Erection All Risk Policy Works To Protect You And Your Resources From The Start To Finish Of The Process Of Erecting A New Structure. The Policy Covers Risks For A Variety Of Projects Including .

Employees Compensation Policy

Any Physical Injury Or Death To Employees, Caused Due To Accidents Occurring In The Progression Of The Employment Gets Compensated Under ..

Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

Our Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy Is Specifically Designed To Provide Complete Cover To Electronic Equipment In Case Of Breakdown Or Damage​.

Contractor's All Risk Insurance

Contractors' All Risk Insurance Covers All Risks Normally Associated With A Construction Project. The Policy Will Provide Cover Against Sudden And Unexpected

Business Protector Policy

Shriram General Insurance Brings You A Comprehensive Business Protector Policy Which Is Designed Specifically For SME & / Or Office Establishments, Hotels, Restaurants Including IT & ITES Sector.

Education Institutes Insurance

Education Institutes Insurance Offers A Complete Insurance Package That Has Been Specially Designed Keeping In Mind The Insurance Needs Of Your Business.

Liabilities Insurance

Liability Insurance Policy Is An Insurance That Provides Protection To Individual And Businesses Against Risks That They May Be Held Legally Liable To. Liberty


The Interest Of The Employer In The Money Or Property Lost Due To The Infidelity Of The Named Employee.

Business Package Insurance Policy

This Is A Policy Of Various Sections Available To All Business Establishments, Individual Firms, Industries And The Like.

Port Package Insurance Policy

Port Package Policy Is A Comprehensive Package Of Insurance Products Designed To Cope With The Combination Of Commercial And Environmental Business Risks Faced By Port Authorities & Terminal Operators


Building And Contents Fire Lightning Acts Of God Riot Strike And Malicious Damage Impact Damage Explosion Of Gas In Domestic Appliances Overflow Of Water Tanks. Burglary House Breaking And Theft.

Advance Loss Of Profit / Delay In Start-Up Insurance (ALOP / DSU)

Principals And Contractors Alike Are Being Confronted With Escalating Financial Risk Exposure In The Wake Of The Increasing Industrialization.

Multi Peril Policy For LPG Dealers

Specially Designed To Meet The Insurance Requirements Of LPG Dealers

Shop Insurance

A Complete Insurance Package That Has Been Specially Designed Keeping In Mind The Insurance Needs Of Your Shop.
New India

Advance Loss Of Profit Ins

A Marine-Cum-Erection Or Contractor's All Risk Policy Covers Only Physical Damage To Property Which, At Best, Covers The Expenses Incurred For Repairing Or Replacing The Damaged Property.

Boiler Pressure Plant Insurance

Boiler Pressure Plant Insurance Is A Special Coverage Against Loss Or Damage To These Boilers And Pressure Plants, Which Might Cause The Business To Suffer.

Machinery Loss Of Profit Insurance

Under The Business Interruption Section, The Total Sum Insured Will Be The Annual ... Special Perils Insurance Policy Covers Your Furniture, Instruments, Machinery,

Contractor Plant And Machinery Insurance

Contractor Plant And Machinery Insurance. Features & Benefits. Requirements Image. Requirements. The Construction Business, Responsible For Constructing

About Business Insurance

One can not simply overlook the utmost power and impact of commercial business insurance, until and unless he is a superhuman. Even the successful businesses like Reliance and Apple don't stand without insurance for keeping their resources protected and secured. A business is said to be successful, when they have the ability to withstand any failure and regain their previous status like it has before.
It's a famous saying that man may come and man may go but what exactly let the man to lift his business back again is its insurance and his will of course.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits that will help you to understand the basic of business insurance for you and your loved ones:

Business Insurance Policy
Effective risk management is the key to a successful business. Our comprehensive commercial product line is aimed at multi-type and multi-size businesses. We offer products that match your personal and business needs and provide you a perfect protection cover.

Business Insurance protects your business from unexpected events, life fire, financial crisis, and many others. Know everything about business insurance, types of importance, and claim process in India.

Types of Commercial Insurance Policy:
Common commercial insurance types include property, workers, and liability compensation. The types of policies depend on the business and most insurers will have special packages for businesses that fall under their solutions purview.

Property Insurance
This is one of the most common types of commercial insurance. The policies cover damages to your commercial properties. For instance, a fire damaging your office space will be covered under such policies.

Shopkeeper's Insurance
This type of policy covers damage to shop buildings and contents, housebreaking, burglary, cash insurance, bicycles, signboards, baggage, personal accident, liability, etc. as per policy wordings.

Marine Insurance
These policies deal with coverage for marine cargo risks for industries such as oil and gas, power generation, wind power, paper and pulp, steel mills, infrastructure, machinery upgrades, and so on.

Liability Insurance
These policies are aimed at large multinationals looking to offset business liability risks in diverse locations around the world. The policy will typically cover bodily or personal injury and infrastructure damage, product liability, clinical trials, product recall, workers compensation, etc.

Engineering Insurance
Engineering and construction covers are offered under such a policy. The policy covers defined engineering risk classes including oil and gas, power, heavy industries, constructions, transportation systems, etc.

Energy Insurance
These policies offer flexible covers for challenging onshore and offshore industries and provide comprehensive cover including downstream, midstream, and upstream assets and operations.

Employee Benefits Insurance
These policies will ideally provide health insurance coverage to employees of organizations such as group health insurance or group personal accident plans.

International Insurance
These policies provide customized services that address cross border issues of companies while considering the fiscal and regulatory framework of the region where they are operating.

Plate Glass Insurance
The policy will cover damages to plate glass or store windows in the event they are broken. Generally observed at the time of physical riots, whenever a sudden outrages of the riots is being observed. It is seen that the person or the people who is present there will not

Aviation Insurance
These policies typically provide cover for all types of aircraft such as small aircraft or private jets against disappearance, total loss, etc. The policy also covers damages to equipment, tools, or supplies of the company, apart from dangers arising out of war and other acts of aggression. Crew members are also covered under such policies.

Bankers Indemnity Insurance
These policies are aimed at banks and cover all branches of a particular bank in the country. The policies offer cover against cash or securities lost on-premises, in transit, forgery, dishonesty, hypothecated goods, registered postal losses, and appraisers, among others.

These insurance will help you to get your business protected and secured from any unseen mishap that can happen to your business.

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