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Third Party Liability Only Insurance - New Private Car

Third Party Liability Insurance For Car From Kotak General Insurance Covers Legal Liability For The Damages Caused To Third Party Vehicle Or Life By Accident & More.

Liability Only Policy

It Provides Protection Against Any Legal Liability Arising Out Of The Use Of The Vehicle, Towards Third Parties Arising On Bodily Injury To/On Death Of A Person And Any Damage Caused To Third Party

Liability Only Private Car Policy - 3 Years

It Is Not Only Illegal But Also Exposes You To Huge Financial Liability In Case In An Unfortunate Accident Involving Your Vehicle Someone Gets Injured Leading To His Death, Disability Etc.
New India

Standalone CPA Cover

Standalone Compulsory Personal Accident Cover Under MOTOR Is Provided To Owner Driver Whilst Driving The Vehicle Including Mounting Into Dismounting From Or Travelling In The Vehicle As A Co-Driver.
Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Liability Only - Private Car Insurance

The Policy Provides Private Car Owner's Security From Any Third Party Liability Arising Out Of The Use Of Their Vehicle.

Motor Act Only- Private Car (3 Years)

This Policy Offers Third Party Cover Against Any Legal Liability If Your Car Has Caused Accidental Injury To A Third Party Or Damaged A Third Party's Property For Long Term Of 3 Years.

Act Only Insurance Policy

This Policy Protects Against Legal Liability Arising Out Of The Use Of The Vehicle, Towards Third Parties Arising On Bodily Injury To/On Death Of A Person And Any Damage Caused To Third Party Property

Liability Only - Private Car Insurance

Liability Only - Private Car Insurance. With A Third Party Liability Policy, You Can Keep Others Safe And Secure Too. We Will Cover Your Legal Liability Towards Third ...

Private Car Third Party


Private Car Third Party Policy


Private Car Liability Policy


Private Car Third Party


Private Car Third Party (3 Year Long Term Liability)


Third Party Liability Car Insurance

A Third-Party Liability Insurance Offers Financial Cover To The Insured Person Against Any Legal Liability Arising Due To Loss/Damage Caused To A Third-Party Person Or Property.

Motor Third Party Liability

The Company Will Indemnify The Insured In The Event Of An Accident Caused By Or Arising Out Of The Use Of The Vehicle Against All Sums Which The Insured Shall Become Legally Liable To Pay

Private Car Third Party

Private Car Third Party

About Third Party

Third Party Car Insurance is the most essential protection cover you can have for your four wheeler. Without it, your vehicle is essentially futile in light of the fact that you can't lawfully drive your vehicle without a substantial vehicle protection cover for outsider risk inclusion in any event. According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it's obligatory for each vehicle employing on streets to host a third gathering responsibility cover.

In addition to the fact that Third parties Car Insurance help you meet the legal prerequisite, yet it likewise pads you from sudden costs. Remuneration costs for wounds caused or unintentional passing to an outsider can be very high, and can drain your investment funds as fast as sand getting past you.

What's more is that Third Party Car Insurance assists you with keeping up your genuine feelings of serenity. Monetary and legitimate repercussions to the side, realizing that somebody is enduring a result of you isn't the awesome your own prosperity.

Your Third Party Car Insurance Policy helps you assume liability for any incidents including you and your vehicle while dealing with the monetary weight of something very similar.


Been in a fender bender? Try to avoid panicking, we cover harms your vehicle supports in a mishap.

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