Fire Insurance
Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance


Fire Insurance

When it comes to fires,
we don't want you to Suffer

A little spark could turn into a ravaging fire that may completely destroy your property. We understand the importance of your valuables and that's why we've created this policy for you. It may not be able to save your property from everything, but we'll help extinguish the effect a fire may have on your finances.

Choose Your Extinguisher

This product is designed to suit the needs of all, such as

Housing societies
Commercial entities

The policy is issued for a maximum of one year from the date of inception of the cover.

Perils Covered by Us




Aircraft Damage

Riots,Strikes, Malicious Damage

Storm, Tempest, Flood, Cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane, Hurricane, Tornado, Inundation

Impact Damage

Subsidence, Landslide and Rockslide

Bursting/Overflowing of Water Tank, Apparatus and Pipes

Leaks from Automatic Sprinkler Installations

Missile Testing Operations

Bush Fire

Hold it! How about some extra protection to your commercial policy?

By paying just a slightly higher premium, you can choose to cover your property against:

- Architects consulting and engineering fees (in excess of 3% of the claim amount)

- Debris removal (in excess of 1% of the claim amount)
Forest fires

- Impact damage due to your own road or rail vehicles, forklifts, cranes, stackers, and any material dropped from them

- Loss of rent

- Additional rent needed when alternative accommodation is required

- Acts of terrorism

- Earthquakes and more*

*For a complete list of add-ons you can choose, check our policy documents

What we can't cover

We can't take care of everything. Here's a look at perils not covered by us:

- War and war-like situations

- Nuclear risks

- Valuables like gold and cash (unless you've specifically asked for it)

- Equipment damaged due to a short circuit. However, resultant fire is covered

- Loss of earnings, markets, loss by delay, any other consequential losses #

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