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Long Term Home Insurance

When It Comes To Your Home,
We're Always Thinking About The Long Run.

At Edelweiss General Insurance, we know the difference
between a house and a home. That's why we've come up with this policy that protects your home with a vengeance. We cover almost everything, except maybe alien attacks.

You'll Get Cover For


This is actually far more common that you may think. Seriously, all it needs is just one little spark.


Sometimes, even Zeus misses his mark best not to take your chances.

Explosion/ Implosion

Sadly, these can happen even if you aren't living in a Die Hard film.

Aircraft Damage

Honestly, this is pretty unlikely. Unless you're a pilot and you're hoping to impress your folks with a fly-by.

Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage

Sometimes, bad people will cause damage to your home. We may not be able to discipline them for their actions, but we can help out.

Stormy Weather

Storm, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tempest, Typhoon, Tornado any kind of bad weather really!

Floods and Inundation

When water gets where it shouldn't (into your home), we'll take care of it.

Impact Damage

Just in case somebody was testing their car's strength against your home.


You don't have to live in the mountains for these kinds of things to happen near you especially in a heavy-rainfall country like ours.

Missile Testing Operation

Not that the missiles will actually be aimed at your home, but you never know these are missiles that are still being tested.

Bush Fire

With every city getting greener, you'll definitely want this in your arsenal.

Leaky Pipes and Tank Bursts

Your water pressure, much like your blood pressure, could shoot up at any time and cause some serious problems.

Automatic Sprinkler Leaks

This delightful invention was designed to protect you, but a small leak could also damage your home.

Wait! You May Want A Little Additional Cover.
By paying just a slightly higher premium, we can also cover your home against:

-Fees for architects, surveyors and engineers (up to 3% of your total -insured amount)
-Cost of debris removal after damage (up to 1% of your total insured amount)
-Impact damage due to your own road or rail vehicles, forklifts, cranes, stackers, and any material dropped from them
-Loss of rent
-Damage to additional machinery, plant or building that may be acquired in the future
-Additional rent needed when alternative accommodation is required
-Acts of terrorism

What's Not Covered

Sorry, but certain things are out of our hands too! Your policy does not include cover for:

-War and war-like situations
-Nuclear risks
-Pollution or contamination even those caused by covered risks
-Valuables like gold and cash (unless you've specifically asked for it)
-Anything that is perishable and stored inside a cold storage unit
-Equipment damaged due to a short circuit. If the short circuit starts a fire, we'll cover that
-Fees for architects, surveyors and engineers (if more than 3% of your total insured amount)
-Cost of debris removal after damage (if more than 1% of your total insured amount)
-Loss of earnings, markets, loss by delay, any other consequential losses
-Spoilage of materials due to stoppage even if the stoppage is caused by one of the covered risks

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