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Family Health Insurance

Additional Benefits. It means the coverages which are granted to insured person(​s) apart from main coverage under the policy, for which no additional premium is​


Family Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance Policy

While it may cover many things, family health insurance has one job to ensure you and your loved ones never have to worry about medical expenses. Because, when you worry less, you can live more, laugh more and enjoy family life to the fullest.

Our family health insurance plans provide cover for hospital bills, diagnostic tests, scans, pre & post hospitalization expenses, and numerous other healthcare expenses. All this, so you can rest assured knowing that your family is taken care of

We also understand that each family is unique. That's why our plans are designed to be flexible. Single parent, young family, or a large household, it doesn't matter you can build a plan around your family's needs and get coverage that fits perfectly.

Key Features of Family Health Insurance By IFFCO- Tokio

Claim Settlement Ratio 92.65% Claims Settled
Cashless Treatments At 5000+ Network Hospitals
COVID-19 Treatments Covered
Claim Assistance With 24/7 Customer service
Daycare Cover 160+ Procedures Covered
Medical Test Not required up to age 60

Why choose IFFCO-TOKIO?
In the unpredictability of life, Family Health Insurance by IFFCO-Tokio provides coverage for the whole family at an affordable premium. Our plans designed are keeping in mind the unique needs of diverse Indian families. You can cover your dependent parents, siblings as well as family members living together, including a brother-in-law or a sister-in-law. Now, selecting a comprehensive family health plan was never this easy.
5000+ Network Hospitals where you can get convenient, cashless claims
Coverage without medical test up to age 60
Reinstatement of Sum Insured after a claim during the policy period
Lifelong Renewal Guarantee
Daily allowance up to a maximum of 1,000 per day
3 lakh cover for 2 adults and 1 child at just 25 per day

What's covered by our Family Health Insurance?
More than 160 Day Care Surgeries
Room Rent Expenses including Hospital Registration/Service charges, etc.
Health Check-ups & Vaccination expenses
Pre-hospitalization & Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses
Critical Illness & Emergency Assistance Services
Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy hospitalization expenses

What's not covered?
It is our constant effort to provide your family with comprehensive protection from medical exigencies. However, all family health insurance policies will have a set of exclusions. These are medical conditions and expenses that are not covered by the policy. These usually include, but are not limited to Substance abuse, consumption of intoxicating substances, smoking, drugs/alcohol, and tobacco chewing.

Medical expenses due to deliberate injury to oneself are not covered.

Dental treatment or surgeries, including implants, are not payable unless necessitated due to accidental injuries warranting hospitalization.

Medical conditions caused directly or indirectly or attributable toasts of foreign enemy, war, warlike operations, or invasion, whether there is a war declaration or not.

Run-down condition, Nutritional deficiency state, convalescence, rest cure, or general debility.

Congenital External Defects /Anomalies and Conditions.

Why is it important to have family health insurance?
Family is everything. In your loved ones, you find a support system, a constant source of inspiration and a living example of unconditional love. Thus, it is extremely important to protect your near and dear ones with a good family health insurance policy. Having adequate coverage gives you complete peace of mind from the following factors.

Protection from medical inflation
Healthcare inflation is causing medical expenses to shoot through the roof. Everything from medicines to diagnostic tests & medical procedures is going to get costlier over time. Fortunately, you can insulate yourself from the escalating costs of healthcare with a good Mediclaim policy for family.

Protect your savings
Years of savings can be wiped out in a matter of months with just one medical emergency. And while we cannot predict when such exigencies can strike, we can definitely prepare for them by simply purchasing a good family health insurance policy.

Focus on treatment & recovery
A good Mediclaim policy for family allows you to focus on your treatment & recovery, rather than worry about money. We provide cashless treatment at 5000+ hospitals. We also offer pre- & post- hospitalization cover. This ensures that funds are never an issue on the path to recovery.

Minor & major expenses are covered
Our family medical insurance plans cover everything, from minor medical expenses to major illnesses and accidental injuries as well. We also cover 160+ outpatient procedures including cataract, excision of tonsil, etc. Basically, you get complete peace of mind for you & your loved ones.

Benefits of family medical insurance policy
Family health insurance plans do a great job of protecting your family! They provide all-round coverage against numerous medical exigencies. In addition, they also provide you the following benefits

1. Higher sum assured
As compared to an individual health insurance policy, family plans have much higher sum insured. This ensures a higher level of protection for your loved ones.

2. More affordable
Family medical insurance policies have lower premiums, especially for the levels of sum insured they provide. They give families access to higher levels of protection at lower costs.

3. Add members:
You can easily include new members of your family to the plan. You don't have to go through too many formalities, and it's much simpler than getting a brand new individual plan.

4. Easier to track:
Having individual plans can become a task. You need to remember expiry dates and make individual payments to renew the plan. But with Mediclaim policy for family, everything is easier.

5. Tax benefits
Family health insurance plans provide you tax benefits as well. . So in addition to cover your medical expenses, these plans also help you save a significant amount of money!

Difference between individual health insurance & family plans
Individual & family health insurance plans both serve the same purpose - protecting you from medical expenses. However, there a number of differentiating factors between these two types of health insurance policies. To give you a better understanding, we've highlighted 3 of the main points of difference between them.

1 Affordability
Covering every member of your family with an individual health insurance policy can be very expensive. However, covering them under the umbrella of a single family health insurance policy will work out to be way more affordable.

2 Higher sum insured
You can get a higher sum insured with a family medical insurance policy. Of course, the entire family shares this sum insured, but it should be enough to cover medical expenses for at least 1 or 2 family members in a year.

3 Hassle-free
With a family health insurance policy, you have a single premium & policy document. However, if you opt for individual plans for all your family members, you need to keep track of multiple policies, expiry dates, premium payments, policy documents, etc.

How to buy family medical insurance?
There are two ways you can buy a family medical insurance policy from IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Pvt. Ltd. The first way is to visit one of our many branches spread across the country. A customer care executive will understand your needs, guide you through the buying process and ensure you walk out having your family covered.

You can also purchase family health insurance online. The process is quite simple; all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1 Visit our website
Find our website using your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. You should see a form asking for your name & number just fill in these details and hit the submit button. This is the first step to buy family health insurance online.

2 Tell us who you want to cover
After providing your name and number, the next step would be to give us some basic information about the family members you want to insure. This will include the number of adults (above 18 years of age) and children, along with their gender and age.

3 Get a quote & modify coverage
Based on the details you provide, our health insurance calculator will put together a quote for your family health insurance policy. You can also modify this quote by increasing the sum insured & choosing the add-ons you want.

4 Make the purchase
Once you are satisfied with the cover, you can continue to the final step which is purchasing the plan. Here you would have to provide your nominee details, emergency details and complete your KYC. After this, just make the payment and the policy is yours.

Why buy family health insurance online?
Like we mentioned earlier, we would love to sit down with you and help you purchase the right protection for your family. However, if you are unable to visit our branch, you can also purchase a plan over the internet. This is because, when you buy family medical insurance online, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1 Save time
You don't have to bear traffic snarls or long travel times to visit one of our branches. You can simply log onto our website and get started instantly. Moreover, the entire process should take more than a few minutes from start to finish.

2 Convenient
You do not have to physically visit the branch or adhere to our office hours. You can kick back on the couch after dinner and make the purchase with ease. You can also buy a plan while at the office or when you are traveling!

3 Instant policy issuance
One of the best things about buying family health insurance online is that you get instant coverage. As soon as you make the payment, the policy document will be mailed to you and the coverage begins.

How to buy the right family health insurance plan?
Your family's medical expenses depend on the health insurance policy you choose. Therefore it is extremely important that you select a plan carefully. However, picking the right plan can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have never purchased a plan before. Keeping this in mind, we have put together some basic tips that will help you to opt for a health insurance policy that will suit the medical needs of your family.

1 Look for maximum protection
Our family medical insurance policies cover hospital bills, diagnostic tests, scans, pre & post hospitalization expenses and numerous other expenses. You can also add critical illness cover and other add-ons to get comprehensive protection.

2 Correct sum insured
Choose a sum insured based on the number of family members, the rate of inflation, the history of medical conditions in your family, etc. Look for a higher sum insured if you live in a metro city as healthcare is usually more expensive in urban areas.

3 Affordable premiums
The premiums of your plan should be affordable. However, you shouldn't have to sacrifice coverage in the name of affordability. Instead, look for a plan that offers good coverage at a justified price.

4 Network hospitals
Our family health insurance plans give you access to cashless treatments at over 5000+ network hospitals. This ensures that, no matter which part of the country you live in, convenient & cashless treatment is always just around the corner.

5 Claim settlement ratio
We have claim settlement ratio of 90%. This ensures that, as long as you make a justifiable claim for a medical condition covered under your family medical insurance policy, your claim will most likely be approved.

Family Floator Plans

Health Check-up


Health Check-ups & Vaccination expenses

Tax Benefits


Family health insurance plans provide you tax benefits as well. . So in addition to cover your medical expenses, these plans also help you save a significant amount of money.According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the premiums that you pay for any health insurance policy can be claimed for tax deductions. This way you can choose a good family health insurance policy that provides you suitable coverage as you are getting tax benefits through your premiums.

Restoration Benefits


Reinstatement of Sum Insured after a claim during the policy period

Day Care Treatments


More than 160 Day Care Surgeries

Pre Hospitalisation


Pre-hospitalization Medical Expenses

Hospital Room Eligibility


S.I of 7 Lacs and above : Covered up to actuals S.I below 7 Lacs: Up to 1.50% of S.I. for class A cities and 1.25% of sum insured for other cities

Post Hospitalization


Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses


Not Covered

Ambulance Charges


Covered up to Rs. 2,500 per hospitalization

Alternate Treatment


Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy hospitalization expenses\\n

Network Hospital Covered


6400+ Network Hospitals where you can get convenient, cashless claims

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