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Investment Plans

LIC's Nivesh Plus

It is a unit-linked, non-participating and single premium individual life insurance plan. It offers insurance cum investment benefits that help you to stay protected and earn great returns.


LIC's Nivesh Plus

(A Unit Linked, Non participating, Single Premium, Individual Life Insurance Plan)

LIC's Nivesh Plus is a Unit Linked, Non-Participating, Single Premium Individual Life Insurance plan. On payment of single premium, the plan offer, insurance cum investment cover throughout the term of the policy.

Under this plan you have the flexibility to choose the type of Sum Insured at the inception and also have a choice of investing the premium in one of the four types of investment funds available. Single Premium paid after deduction of Premium Allocation Charge will purchase units of the Fund type chosen. The Unit Fund is subject to various charges and value of units may increase or decrease, depending on Net Asset Value (NAV).


Death Benefit:

On death before the Date of Commencement of Risk:
An amount equal to the Unit Fund Value shall be payable.
On death after the Date of Commencement of Risk:
An amount equal to the higher of the following shall be payable :
1. Basic Sum Assured less Partial Withdrawals, if any made during the two years period immediately preceding the date of death; or
2. Unit Fund Value .

Where Basic Sum Assured and Partial Withdrawal are as specified in para 3(V) and para 3(II) respectively.

Mortality charge, Accident Benefit charge, and Tax charges thereon recovered subsequently to the date of death shall be paid back to the nominee or beneficiary along with death benefit.

Any Guaranteed Addition added subsequent to the date of death (in case of delay in intimation of death claim) shall be recovered from the Unit Fund

The death benefit shall be paid either in lump sum as specified above or in instalments, if Settlement Option is opted for, as mentioned in Para 3.iv below as per option exercised by the Policyholder/Life Assured.

B) Maturity Benefit:

On Life Assured surviving the date of maturity, an amount equal to Unit Fund Value shall be payable.

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