Private Car Insurance
Private Car Comprehensive Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance


Choose How You Want to Cruise

Third Party Only

(Edelweiss Private Car Liability Only Insurance)

This is your basic car insurance. Without this, you are legally not allowed on the road. It only covers other people, their vehicles and property in case of an accident. It doesn't cover injuries to you or damage to your car.

Third Party + Own Damage

(Edelweiss Private Car Package Insurance)

If you really want to chill and cruise, this is the insurance you want. It covers injuries to you, damage to your car AND damage to others & their property (that's more like it!)

Hit The Brakes! Maybe You'd Like A Little Extra Cover?

By paying a slightly higher premium, you can enhance your car's cover with:
-Depreciation Protect
-NCB Protect
-Invoice Value Protect
-Engine Protect
-Key & Locks Protect
-Consumable Expenses Protect
-Mandatory Deduction Protect
-Personal Belongings Protect
-Roadside Assistance

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