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League organizers, sports complex managers, board members, coaches, athletes, umpires, performers regardless of the role you play in the sports or recreational event, you face some unique risks. Any moment, an accusation of negligence, abuse, neglect, or misconduct can be directed towards you along with a lawsuit.

In just a moment, your financial stability and security can suddenly crash down around you.

With the tremendous risks that are present at athletic and recreational events, your financial well-being depends on how well you minimize risk and how protected you are for the times that risk becomes reality. That's why sports & recreation insurance is so important.

Reasons To Choose Sports Insurance:
Your protection is our single-minded focus. Our entire company was founded on and continues to be built on the passion to help sports and recreation organizations and their directors, officers, employees, and volunteers be protected against losing everything in a lawsuit.

Our professional advice extends beyond your insurance needs. We have created simple, easy to implement risk management programs and guidelines. Our experienced, friendly team speaks daily with people just like you're answering questions and offering suggestions for minimizing and managing the risks you face.

We make you the priority, providing exceptional service. 97% of our clients have given us an in a recent survey that asked them to score us on the competitiveness of our prices, the level and quality of protection our policies offer, how prompt we respond to claims, and how quickly we issue paperwork.

Coverage can be bound immediately. Our online system allows for instant quote, pay, and print within 5 minutes in most cases. This eliminates the delays that are inherent in any manual system.
We work with any size organization no one is too small Some insurance companies penalize smaller organizations but we work hard to make sure that ALL sports organizations, associations, teams, or leagues are treated fairly and get the same level of assistance from us as any other client would.

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