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Comprehensive Other Than 3 Wheeler Vehicle Insurance


Third Party Other Than 3 Wheeler Vehicle Insurance


3W/Auto-Rickshaw/E- Rickshaw Third Party Goods Carrying Insurance


Motor Goods Carrying Vehicle

Goods Carrying Vehicle Insurance Policy Covers Vehicles Used For Carriage Of Goods Or Used By Insured, Insured's Employees For Such Purpose Or Used For Hire Or Reward, Except For Racing, Pace Making.

Goods Carrying Comprehensive Insurance


3W/Auto-Rickshaw/E- Rickshaw Third Party Goods Carrying Insurance

About Goods Carrying Insurance

Goods Carrying Vehicle
Economies rely upon products being moved the nation over and the world. Merchandise conveying vehicles are the genuine saints yet can encounter vacation because of difficult excursions. With premium great conveying vehicle protection, behave confidence of least interference and most extreme consideration for the vehicles.

What's Included?

Damages are questionable. Did your vehicle get harmed because of a mishap? Try not to freeze! We cover it!

Fire and Explosion
Blast! Fire may hamper your vehicle somewhat or completely. At all be the misfortune because of Incidents of fire and blast, don't stress we can deal with it!

Your vehicle got taken? Sounds very grievous! Before you worry over it, let us illuminate you we will get it!

Destruction because of tremors, avalanches, floods, riots, illegal intimidation, and so on may negatively affect your number one vehicle.

Individual Accident
If there should arise an occurrence of wounds because of vehicle mishaps, we cover every one of your medicines and ensure you are solid and safe.

Outsider Liability
Any inadvertent passing or substantial wounds caused to the outsider by the policyholder who is to blame are covered. The approach additionally covers every one of the harms done to any sort of outsider property.

What's Not Covered?
We don't cover devaluation in the worth of the products conveying vehicle after some time.

Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown
Any electrical or mechanical breakdowns stay revealed under our merchandise conveying vehicle protection strategy.

Illegal Driving
Your merchandise doing vehicle goes of activity on the off chance that you don't have a substantial driving permit. Driving affected by drugs/liquor.

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