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About Bus Insurance

Buses are the passenger-carrying heavy commercial vehicles. The Bus insurance policy covers have the similar features to that of the other auto insurance policies. Some of them are highlighted below:

Get complete coverage for bodily injury, permanent disability, or death for the bus driver.

It will also help in covering the entire legal liabilities following the death and injury of the third party.

The policy provides entire property damage regardless of who was at fault at the time of the accident.

You will be also entertained with the Coverage for damage to the vehicle due to theft, vandalism, fire, etc.

Moreover to this, the bus insurance policy will also include:
Your medical payment coverage for drivers and passengers in the other vehicle, especially for a passenger who doesn't have adequate health insurance.

In advanced countries, if the bus carrier is that of school students, it is considered prudent to take a policy that will cover the driver and other employees against molestation or child abuse.

What are all covered in your Bus Insurance?

Your bus insurance which is a commercial vehicle insurance policy protects and safeguards the commercial buses from every kind of major or minor, damages and loses, such as in the case of the accident of the driver, natural calamity, theft, or even fire. Most of these basic bus insurance plans cover the expense for the Third-Party liabilities. Also, the applicant can propose or buy the comprehensive policy cover for one's own damages and losses, both under a single bus insurance policy.

Types of Buses Covered in Bus Insurance Plan:
The Bus insurance policy do no discrimination and thus, provide complete and healthy cover to your buses at no extra charges. Some of these buses are listed below:

School Buses: Buses which are running or associated with any part of an educational institution such as a school or a college and are used primarily for student transportation gets covered in this policy.

Public Buses: The bus insurance policy provides complete coverage to the government owned busses. These busses are helpful in carrying the passengers within the city or, from one city to another city and with this insurance, you can protect their life from getting in any sort of trouble. However, most of the insurance companies do not deal or provide coverage to the government owned buses.

Other Passenger Carrying Buses: All other types of commercial buses and vans used for the purpose of transporting passengers from one place to another are covered under this policy.

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