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Popular Child Plans policies

HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

HDFC Life Young Star Udaan

HDFC Life Youngstar Udaan, A Traditional Participating Insurance Plan. This Plan Is Ideal For Parents Who Wish To Make Provision.
Aviva India

Aviva Young Scholar Secure

Aviva Young Scholar Secure Is A Non-Linked Non-Participating Insurance Plan Specially Designed To Provide For The Future Educational Landmarks Of A Child.
HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

HDFC SL Young Star Super Premium

HDFC SL Youngstar Super Premium, A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) Designed To Accumulate Savings For Your Child's Future, Even In Your Absence.
Canara HSBC

Smart Future Plan

As An Individual You Want To Be The Pillar Of Strength And Support For Your Family, Making Sure That Their Future Plans Remain Undisturbed Even When You Are Not Around.
Bajaj Allianz

Child Insurance Plans

Child Insurance Plans
Canara HSBC

Smart Junior Plan

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank Of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Junior Plan An Individual Non-Linked Par Life Insurance Savings Cum Protection Plan Designed To Fulfill Your Child`S Future Education Needs.
FGI Life Insurance

Future Generali Assured Education Plan

Future Generali Assured Education Plan - A Plan That Arms You With The Necessary Funds To Help Your Child Gain Admission Into One Of The Finest Colleges.

About Child Plans

Child Plans
Let your child fly and fulfill his/her dreams, even in your absence.
Child plans are a combination of insurance and investment plans to help you secure your child's future. Just as your child feels safe in your arms, a child insurance plan casts a safety net around your child's future so they can fulfill their dreams without worrying about finances. A child insurance plan ensures your child's secure future by taking care of financial needs even in your absence.

Reason To have a Good Child Insurance Plan
Almost every child plan in India offers various rider benefits, which are generally not included in base plans. Before you buy a child savings plan, understand what supplementary benefits the plan offers.

1. Regular Income Availability
The plan might be able to offer regular income throughout the policy term or post the insured parent's death without the liability of paying further premiums.

2. Premium Waiver Availability Since the parent insured buys the plan for securing the financial future of the child, there should not be a burden on the surviving parent to pay premiums for policy continuation.

3. Option of Increasing Existing Cover : Availability of a rider like the Term rider, allows the parent to get additional Sum Assured equal to the policy Sum Assured with a nominal amount of extra premium.

4. Use as a collateral - If you plan to avail an education loan for your child in the future, then you can use the child insurance plan as collateral.

5. Partial withdrawal - If the child is hospitalized due to a medical condition or accident, these plans allow you to withdraw a lump sum amount from the yet-to-mature policy. This pay-out will act as an add-on to your health insurance plan.

6. Tax benefit As per the existing tax laws premiums paid towards child plans are exempted under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Maturity benefits are also exempt from tax as per section 10(10D) of the Act.

Secure Your Child's Future with Child Insurance Plans

Provides financial security during the most crucial years of your child's life

Offers a perfect blend of investment and savings in a single plan

Safeguards a child's future, even after the demise of the parent

Favors disciplined, long-term savings, which usually becomes a challenge

You can give your child a children's plan on his first birthday. It is a gift he will always remember and cherish.

You can provide your children with good quality education without even bothering about their cost.

Additional riders like a waiver of premium ensure that your child has a good education, even in your absence.

You get tax deductions on your salary if you invest in a child plan. The amount you get at maturity is tax-free.

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