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Group Seasonal Byte

This Is Your Group Seasonal Byte Policy Which Has Been Issued By Us Relying On The Information Disclosed By You In Your Proposal For This Policy Of Which This Is A Renewal.

COCO Seasonal Byte

COCO Seasonal Byte Safeguards You & Your Family By Providing Coverage For - Dengue Fever; Zika Fever; Chikungunya; Malaria; Leptospirosis; Swine Flu And Vector Borne Encephalitis.
Future Generali

Mosquito Insurance

With Increasing Human Illness Caused By Mosquitoes, Ticks, And Fleas, Our Product Provides Lump Sum Benefit In Case You Are Diagnosed And Hospitalised With .

Oriental Dengue Kavach Policy

Specialized Disease Specific Benefit Cover On Detection Of Dengue Fever Without Any Sublimit/ Co-Payment.

Pramerica Life Dengue Shield

Pramerica Life Dengue Shield Is A Traditional Fixed Benefit Individual Health Plan Which Has Been Designed To Secure You Against The Financial Impact Of Dengue During Illness And Recovery Process.

Life Dengue Shield

In Life, Both Certainty And Uncertainty Go Parallely But Eventually People Do Plan Uncertain Things Like Sickness.

About Dengue

Dengue Insurance Policy

Dengue is a significant feared infection, and most of the insurance companies are offering extraordinary insurance cover to deal with the clinical costs on the off chance that it is required.

Dengue is a significantly feared illness, and insurance agencies are offering uncommon protection cover to deal with the clinical costs on the off chance that it is required. These plans give autonomous danger cover to individuals to meet the costs brought about for the treatment.

The normal expense of hospitalization for dengue treatment could differ between Rs 35,000 and Rs 70,000. Dengue protection covers both inpatient and outpatient treatment. A solitary sickness plan offers wide inclusion and furthermore goes about as an extra to the essential health care coverage cover.

What does this plan offer?

No pre-protection wellbeing registration is expected to purchase a dengue protection strategy. You just need to make a self-statement in the application structure that you are right now not experiencing dengue.

In the event that dengue is analyzed, a few insurance companies pay the full entirety guaranteed to the policyholder relying upon your ailment - be it dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, or dengue stun disorder. A specialist's authentication with this impact will be required, and you should have at least 24-48 hours of inpatient care at an emergency clinic for clinical treatment of dengue.

A couple of insurance agencies accommodate inpatient and outpatient treatment independently and bear the costs that are not borne by health care coverage arrangements.

These insurance plans cover all clinical costs brought about 15 days when hospitalization. Hospitalization inclusion is given if a policyholder is hospitalized for over 24 hours.

These plans can be guaranteed at the same time as other existing health care coverage strategies.

There is no development advantage payable under dengue protection strategies.

Should you buy the dengue insurance plans?

As these are dengue-care-explicit plans, they just cover dengue-related treatment. While purchasing disease explicit approaches, one should guarantee that the arrangement offers exhaustive inclusion, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, home-care, diagnostics, etc. for the sickness that is being covered. "It is prudent to have a fundamental medical coverage item as it will consistently fill in as a base to the uncommon advantage plans.

"One of the advantages of these items is that when policyholders experience the ill effects of the illness, they can make a free case against the dengue strategy, and not effect the no-guarantee benefits accumulated in their center medical coverage strategy.

Individuals who are experiencing dengue are not qualified for these arrangements. Likewise, no other ailments are covered other than dengue fever and dengue stun condition. On the off chance that dengue treatment requires under 24-48 hours of hospitalization, hospitalization costs won't be covered. Additionally, finding and treatment outside India are not covered under dengue plans.

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